All About Stimulating Masques: The Missing Ingredient In Your Skin Care! 🌶

All About Stimulating Masques: The Missing Ingredient In Your Skin Care! 🌶

What is a stimulating mask?

The effect is immediate and skin may feel warm, tingle, and turn pink for 20-60 minutes before calming down to a healthy glow! The increase in circulation means that oxygen enters the system more quickly and waste leaves faster - creating a detoxifying and oxygenated environment, excellent for keeping the skin toned and glowing. In the same way that stimulating your body’s circulation is necessary for exercise, increasing the circulation in your face has the same effect: it’s like a great workout for your skin. 

Not only do these spices work out your circulatory system, it encourages cell turnover so new, young cells come to the surface. Also, paprika is an enormous source of vitamin C - more than most citrus fruits. As an antioxidant, vitamin C fights the aging effects of free radicals and protects your skin. The spice also restricts the production of the pigment melanin which means it brightens and lightens pigmentation. All around, spices in skincare is an incredible ingredient with major perks for the skin!

Stimulating Treatments:

Lime Stimulating Masque: Stimulating gel treatment for oily, non-sensitive, dry and fatigued skin types – Active stimulating gel treatment that revives dull skin and slows aging with natural phyto-hormones and vitamins found in lime. Formulated with nettle, this face mask oxygenates to boost circulation, creating a fresh, rosy look. Mineral-rich thermal water nourishes and replenishes moisture as it balances excess oil production to promote a beautiful, radiant glow.

Key Ingredients:

  • Lime & Lemon: antioxidant; source of vitamin C
  • Thermal Water: source of minerals to the skin; softens and nourishes the skin
  • Nettle: stimulating
  • BioComplex: a booster of antioxidants, coenzyme Q10, and alpha lipoic acid to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the appearance of skin

Eight Greens Phyto Masque – Hot: Phytoestrogen firming, lifting, hydrating, and anti-blemish masque for all skin types - Revitalize the skin with this gel-based masque, formulated to reduce acne breakouts and minimize the signs of aging. Organic extracts of yucca, hops, stonecrop and growth factors diminish menopausal breakouts, fine lines, wrinkles, and inflammation. Paprika extract stimulates blood flow to detoxify while vitamins A, C, E, and coenzyme Q10 fight off free radicals.

Key Ingredients:

  • Yucca Extract: antioxidant
  • Flaxseed/Linseed Extract: Omega-3s, antioxidant
  • Hop Extract: antioxidant
  • Paprika: invigorates and rejuvenates the look of skin
  • Chasteberry: source of antioxidant bioflavanoids
  • Honey: moisturizes and nourishes the skin’s appearance
  • BioComplex: a booster of antioxidants, Coenzyme Q10, and Alpha Lipoic Acid to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the appearance of skin


  • Winner of 2020 Allure Best of Beauty Award

Almond & Mineral Treatment: Invigorating exfoliant for dry, mature and non-sensitive skin types – The pH of the unique Hungarian mineral waters combined with organic extracts in this masque actively soften and nourish the skin. Formulated with crushed almonds, this face scrub refines texture, as bioflavonoids nourish and enrich your skin, replenishing moisture for a soft, supple feel. Ground ivy works to tone and tighten, diminishing the appearance of large pores, while paprika invigorates to restore youthful vitality to your complexion.

Key Ingredients:

  • Crushed Almonds: refines, revitalizes and enriches the skin’s appearance
  • Paprika: invigorates and revitalizes skin
  • Ground Ivy: tones and tightens the appearance of pores
  • Zinc Oxide: soothes the skin
  • BioComplex: a booster of antioxidants, Coenzyme Q10, and Alpha Lipoic Acid to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the appearance of skin

Turmeric Energizing Treatment: Powder formula activated by water that turns into a 3-in-1 facial treatment for all skin types – A unique 3-in-1 facial treatment that begins as a powder and turns into a whipped-texture when activated with water, turning into a warming treatment, exfoliant, and mask. This powder-to-mousse formula uses zeolite to draw out impurities and paprika to invigorate the skin, while kaolin clay purifies and turmeric leaves a brighter appearance.

Key Ingredients:

  • Turmeric: potent antioxidant that visibly brightens the appearance of skin and reduces the look of puffiness
  • Citrine Gemstones: stone of light and happiness that helps the mind and body feel recharged, motivated and energized
  • Paprika: invigorates skin, leaving it soft and glowing
  • Zeolite: exfoliates deeply; releases energy upon contact with water resulting in the skin feeling warm and invigorated; improves the skin’s appearance by smoothing and tightening; evens the look of skin tone
  • Kaolin Clay: deep cleans and softens the skin, gently draws out impurities without stripping moisture from the skin


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