Fall Skin Care Tips: The Best Skin Care Routine For Fall

Fall Skin Care Tips: The Best Skin Care Routine For Fall

To put it simply, you should change your skincare routine when your skin needs change. There are many reasons you may feel inclined to swap in some new skincare products: breakouts due to hormonal changes, dryness due to aging, sensitivity due to developing new skin conditions, etc.

A common reason for updating your skincare regimen is a change of climate or season. Take a look at the general climate conditions in summer: sky-high temperatures, humid air, excess sun exposure, and plenty of indoor air-conditioning. Then, compare to the general climate conditions in fall: chilly temperatures, some rain, shorter days, more wind, falling humidity levels, and more indoor heating.

When the temperature and humidity drops, suddenly skin is faced with a whole new set of climate conditions to protect you from. Remember, your skin is the body’s largest organ and the body’s first line of defense when it comes to fighting off invaders. To keep the skin barrier healthy, you need to care for it year-round. As the environment around you changes, so should your skincare routine!


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