Get Hanni Smooth!

I am now apart of the Hanni Skincare community!

Get ready for a whole new smooth. Hanni is a body skincare brand offering individuals a whole new way to care for your skin, from head to toe.

They delivers the softest, smoothest skin imaginable — with products that 'wow' you as well as care for your skin and the planet. every formula we develop is good for skin health, with no harmful ingredients.

  • NO animal testing (ever!)—
    all products are cruelty-free
  • and yes, all formulas are vegan
    and gluten-free, too :)
  • clean ingredients, for products that are clinically tested,
     allergy-tested and and non-irritating
  • climate commitment and
    environmental giving

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My personal Hanni must haves!

Splash Salve: 

about: a deep conditioning treatment mask for your body (why let your hair have all the fun?


• luxurious intense hydration in-shower treatment. saving you time from the all-consuming, messy after-shower ritual of try to apply lotion while balancing on one leg.

how to use:

  • apply in the shower or bath, after you're done cleansing and shaving
  • use a scoop-sized amount and up, depending on what your body needs
  • apply directly to your wet skin - and be sure to focus on your driest parts
  • rinse quickly without scrubbing
  • then gently pat skin dry with a towel

Water Balm


• a weightless mist that replaces your lotion, feels as light as water on your skin and leaves zero residue behind


  • for those of us who hate putting on lotion, water balm has you covered. gone are the days of waiting for gooey, sticky lotion to absorb before getting dressed!
  • get the perfect dose of moisture with one spray equaling the hydration of a light lotion, two sprays the feel of a body cream, and three sprays equivalent to a body balm.

how to use:

  • mist onto dry skin or damp skin
  • re-apply during the day as necessary for moisture touch-ups




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